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Coaching key to implement successful change

Coaching is the most effective way to implement successful change initiatives according to new research released by the International Coach Federation and Human Capital Institute.


Key points:

  • Organisations are going through multiple changes at the same time (technology, culture, processes and leadership).

  • The frequency and intensity of change is increasing.

  • Leadership today is really about leading change.

  • The success or failure of change is determined by: communication, leadership and resilience. All great focus areas for coaching.

  • The most effective change initiatives use a coaching approach for individuals/groups impacted by change and most importantly leaders leading the change. Why? Because coaching is completely bespoke, helps create options and increases emotional intelligence.


The full research article is attached. 

Reference: HCI and ICF Building a Coaching Culture for Change Management, 2018

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement achievement and success have no meaning"

Benjamin Franklin  

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