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Exceptional leadership looks like this...

I was one of 50,000 on Saturday experiencing exceptional kiwi music. I wasn't at all concerned about my health, no one was wearing masks, and there was definitely no social distancing. Why can this happen in New Zealand while almost all of the rest of the world is suffering? Well, it wasn’t just a display of exceptional music, it was a display of exceptional leadership. There is a lot to learn from the current government (supporter or not) that can be applied to all leadership situations:

· Judgement based on “enough” information rather than “all” information

· Quick action once decisions are made

· Taking advice from experts in respective fields

· Communicating with all stakeholders effectively

· Creating a sense of team and valuing everyone’s contributions

· Learning from mistakes

· Celebrating success


If you would like support developing your leadership skills, please get in touch.

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