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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

As we work through the challenges of current times, don’t lose sight of your customers and ensure you are meeting their needs. After all, if you don’t, you no longer exist.

I am currently working with a team to help them identify their stakeholders/customers and ensure their focus in on the right ones. Also remember the “loudest are not always the most important”. We are using the model below to structure conversations. First segmenting stakeholders into providers of information/services and customers of services, those who make decisions/govern and those who have influence. The next step is prioritisation in each area and identifying those that are vital. (BTW - turns out the loudest aren’t the most vital for this team!)

If you would like some support to help our team re-focus on your customers, please get in touch.


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I am working with a team right now who are facing change themselves and leading their teams through change at the same time. It's tough gig being a leader. Dealing with your own emotions and supporting others going through the same thing. Some great tips below on how you should “be” and what you should “do” (based on Korn Ferry, March 2020).

Leaders should be...

· Authentic

· Calm

· Confident and positive

· Courageous

· Empathetic

· Resilient (looking after yourself)

Leaders should do…

· Express clear vision

· Communicate

· Take action

· Face the truth

· Keep priorities simple

If you would like support to lead yourself and your teams through change, please get in touch.

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It is mental health awareness week here in NZ. Our wellbeing is even more critical these days and the Mental Health Foundation suggests “Mental Health Awareness Week is a timely reminder of how important it is to embrace the simple things we can do each day to really help strengthen our wellbeing – that’s what will help us during the tough times.”

Here is a challenge for you. This week, focus on one of the areas below each day and keep your wellbeing well.

Today 21 September: connect with others, give a friend a call

Tuesday 22 September: take notice and be grateful for what is around you

Wednesday 23 September: revisit your daily routine and change what you need to

Thursday 24 September: relax and refuel your body

Friday 25 September: stay curious and learn something new

Saturday 26 September: get moving and go for a walk

Sunday 27 September: give something to someone in need

If you would like to talk about how to integrate these, or other wellbeing focus areas into you or your team’s life, please get in touch.

#wellbeing #mentalhealth

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