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We all know a group of high performing individuals does not equate to a high performing team (HPT). We have probably been in teams and experienced this first hand! Now, with all the change and uncertainty around us, it is even more important to recognise that we can’t lead or succeed on our own. Our team is key!

I am working with a team right now on their journey to become a HPT. Today we will be talking about how close they feel they are to having a clear purpose, effective external and internal processes, strong relationships, learning and leading together (Clutterbuck). If any urgent gaps come through in that discussion we will talk about how they will address it.

If you need help with your team’s HPT development journey, please get in touch.

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  • Helen

I was back in my home town in the week-end (again). A beautiful part of the world. I don’t think I appreciated how beautiful it was when I was growing up there. Having travelled to and lived in many places around the world, I still get a huge sense of comfort walking the paths (or beaches in this case) that I did as a child. Spend as much time in nature as you can - there is plenty of evidence that even looking at pictures of nature have a positive impact on wellbeing. Go on….. go for a walk!

If you would like to talk through how to integrate activities that boost wellbeing into your life please get in touch.


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