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Use your strengths in uncertain times

Well, for those of us in Auckland, we are in lockdown again. (Just when we though we were making some progress). Just goes to show that change and uncertainty are a given. One thing I suggest for leaders and teams I work with is to look at how their strengths might help them navigate these challenging times. For example, two of my unrealised strengths are persistence and bounce back. Both very valuable to dial up right now to keep me on my path and work through any setbacks driven by the environment.

If you would like to understand your strengths better there are several tools available to help identify them. The picture below is an extract from "Strengths Profile" - I am accredited in this tool for both individuals and teams. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.


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Accountability is a very hot topic for a team I am working with. Last week we confronted it head on and talked about accountability versus responsibility versus authority. Do you know the difference? And could the distinction be useful for your team? What we thought would be a simple conversation turned very complex very quickly. If you would like to find out more, feel free to get in touch.


Thank you Tammy Turner, MCC for the material that formed the basis of the conversation.

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I don’t mean a legal contract that is signed by all parties, I mean an agreement on how you work together. Every time someone joins or leaves a team, or changes roles, there is a significant impact on team dynamics. Openly talking about the impact of this and agreeing expectations of each other is good discipline and can mitigate future drama. I am preparing for a session with a team this week and this is one of the topics we will be covering. If you would like some help on how to frame up a contracting conversation, please get in touch.

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