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... at a recent Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) session. The tool can be used to help a team work through how to manage two objectives that appear to contradict each other. Examples: profit and environment, competition and collaboration.

A team I work with at St John have been grappling with the tension between task delivery and relationships, or as they call it accountability versus kindness. Sounds like polarities to me! The team took to the tool like a polar bears to an ice burg. The exercise is not complete yet, but finding an effective balance between accountability and kindness will result in team growth.

Thanks Gary Connolly, Gary Thomass, Zoltan Varadi, Tertia du Plooy, Jennifer Edwards, Deshneil Hanif, Jeannette Perez Mawyin, Rene Bosman for being part of the experiment.

If you would like to know more about polarities and other tools that can help your team grow please get in touch.


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Several experiences with clients over the last few weeks have sent shivers down my spine... in a good way! A one:one coaching client became very emotional in a session. When I asked what the emotion was about, the reply was “I’ve just realised there is hope”. Another one:one client’s lightbulb moment also came with tears when she realised that her “leadership challenges relate to her own self-belief” (imposer syndrome). The leader of a team I am working announced to his wider team “I love the mindset of being better than yesterday”.

When I get the shivers in a session it’s a great signal that I am doing the right thing, and helping leaders and teams to be the best they can be.

If you or your team would like to know more about how to grow to be the best you can be, and give me more shivers, please get in touch.


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  • Helen

Paying attention to your senses is a great way to practice Mindfulness. I had plenty of opportunity for this over the last week enjoying nature in the south and Stewart Island.

Smell - clean sea air

Taste – salty Bluff oysters

Hear – native birds calling

See – pristine natural beauty

Touch – stones smoothed by the sea

Sixth sense - peace

Take the time to practice mindfulness regularly and notice what you can smell, taste, hear, see, touch and maybe tap into your sixth sense too.


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