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More than half way through a Team Coaching Senior Practitioner course, and very proud to be learning from the best on the globe in this field Prof David Clutterbuck Tammy Turner, MCC, Master EIA and ITCA, GISA Craig McKenzie.

In addition to learning a lot and keeping very good company, I am also applying/practicing my strengths of: curiosity, holistic thinking, intellect and creativity. It’s so exciting and satisfying at the same time. Call me crazy but, I'm in my happy place!

However, I know hard core learning is not for everyone. If you would like to find out more about how you can tap into your happy place at work, or you would like to know more about team coaching, please get in touch. I would love to chat.


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  • Helen

Siloed ways of working evoke negative connotations, but are they always a bad thing? Had an interesting conversation about this with one of my favourite teams at Auckland Transport recently. For them it’s not about breaking silo’s down, it’s about building connections/bridges, and making those connections explicit to all stakeholders. Having a common goal and integrated planning will support this.

Thanks for the insightful conversation team, I learnt a lot from you: Christian Messelyn, Alitta Meijer, Ian Howell, John Nottage, Donald Green, Alan Peddie, Isabelle Adams, Damian Flynn.

If you would like to understand how to work with silo's in your team, please get in touch.


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I recently inherited this picture (not the original btw) and also attended the amazing Van Gogh live multi-sensory show (if you haven't seen it yet go!). It got me thinking… what would Van Gogh think of the legacy he left us. He has brought joy, contemplation, and awe into so many people's lives. Yet when he was alive he was considered a failure and never got to see his impact.

Sometimes we are not aware of the significant impact we have on others until much later, or at all. Leaders are in a privileged position of influence and impact. Hold this role with the respect and significance it deserves and leave a positive legacy.


If you would like help building a positive leadership legacy, please get in touch.

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